What is a juice fast?

More and more people are striving to live healthier lifestyles by turning to internal body detoxification methods. Scientific research has shown that periodic detoxification can assist your body in eliminating toxins that are known to cause certain diseases, such as cancer. It can also be a good way to break unhealthy diet habits. One of the most popular detoxification methods is a juice fast.

Description of a Juice Fast

A juice fast is one of the most popular means of performing a detoxification of the body. Often referred to as a detoxification diet, a juice fast involves a diet consisting of raw vegetables (preferably green) and fresh fruit processed into liquid, as well as fresh water. If you don’t have a juicer, some health food markets sell freshly made juice.

This method is the quickest means of detoxifying your body. You can only remain on a juice fast for 1-5 days. Each day you will consume 32-96 ounces of the juice mixture per day, which ensures the green vegetables are used efficiently by your body. The servings should be consumed every one to two hours and should be drunk slowly.

It is important to remember that you can’t enter a juice fast immediately; it does take prep time. Three days before you begin a juice fast you should be decreasing your intake of coffee, wheat, dairy, alcohol, and sugar, and increasing your intake of fresh vegetables. This will reduce the effects of withdrawals, headaches, or certain cravings.

Why People Partake in a Juice Fast

One of the main reasons that people go on a juice fast is to cleanse and repair the digestive system. Although your body is designed to naturally eliminate toxins, it can’t eliminate the large amount that your body is exposed to on a daily basis from the air, water you drink, and the foods you eat.

People who have knowledge of this know that the chemicals they are exposed to have a direct effect on the proper functioning of their bodies to eliminate toxins ingested by the body. A juice fast promises to give that extra boost to your body for effective chemical elimination.

A juice fast increases the amount of pure micronutrients absorbed by the body, causes a small amount of weight loss, curbs cravings for sugar, and increases the strength of the immune system.

A juice fast is a good way to start if you want to make that commitment to finally get fit and lose weight. You’ll find it hard, but it’s a great way to break some old habits.