Safety Tips for Pressure CookersPressure cookers cook with steam and the heat inside the cooker can be extremely high. Steam can burn you and you must pay attention to the psi level of your pressure cooker. It is possible for the top to shoot off and this can cause damage to anyone nearby. You may suffer burns and your kitchen could get damaged.

However, if you use these safety tips you do not have to worry about using your pressure cooker. Just use caution and common sense and you will be fine.

Most pressure cookers come with a rubber seal or gasket inside the lid. Please note that some newer models of pressure cookers have eliminated the need for this gasket. A good example is the Instant Pot Programmable Cooker. If you are new to using a pressure cooker you may prefer this type of cooker.

Never over fill your pressure cooker, most should not be filled more than two thirds full. Allow room for foods to swell or rise such as beans and rice. You must always add water to your pressure cooker and the minimum is usually ½ a cup.

You should never use oil inside your pressure cooker as this can melt the gasket. If you are new to using a pressure cooker then use specific pressure cooker recipes. Once you become accustomed to using your new cooker you can start creating your own recipes.

The most important aspect of your pressure cooker is learning how to release the pressure properly once the cooking is finished. This method can vary depending on the size and model of your pot. Always read the instruction manual for your model to learn how to do this correctly. This will help you avoid any injuries.

Other ways to release the pressure include releasing the pressure by just removing the pot from the stove. This is called a natural release method. You can also run cold water over the lid of the pan while closed. This is known as cold water release. The last method is known as quick release and is when you use the pot’s steam release value to allow the steam to escape.

When using any of the above methods always use pot holders or gloves when moving the pressure cooker to your sink. If you use the quick release method turn your face away from the place where the steam will release from the steam vent. Remember too that condensation will still drip out once the water is removed.

By using the above tips you will have no major issues when using your pressure cooker. If you have children always keep them away when you are ready to release the steam from the pressure cooker.