Traditional or Electric Pressure Cookers?When shopping for a new pressure cooker today you will find that you have more options than your parents or grandparents had. While you can still purchase a traditional pressure cooker with a temperature gauge and steam vent, you can also find fantastic electric models.

One top selling electric pressure cooker is the Instant Pot Programmable Pressure Cooker. This pressure cooker has a large easy to use display panel on the front and it is super eco-friendly or green if that is a concern for you.

A wonderful feature on the Instant Pot cooker is that it has lots of different functions. It can be used as a regular pressure cooker, a slow cooker, rice cooker and as a warmer and browning pan.

If weight is a concern then this is a lightweight pressure cooker at 14 pounds and comes with a delay timer feature. This is a 6.33 quart capacity cooker which makes it perfect for family use. It is very easy to clean and has received great reviews on Amazon.

Let’s take a look at a more traditional type of pressure cooker, the All American 21 Quart Cooker. This pressure cooker is much larger and comes in sizes that range from 10 quarts up to 41 quarts. It is perfect for anyone who likes to do lots of canning and preserving.

The All American Cooker 21 quart size is a bestselling size and this pot weighs in at 20 pounds. It is made from cast aluminum and is one model which eliminates the need for gaskets. So this is a step up from the basic traditional pressure cookers.

Just remember that this pressure cooker is heavy and the largest 41 quart size will hold 32 pint jars or 19 quarts. It weighs around 38 pounds as far as we can tell so it is very heavy. It has a shipping weight of 41 pounds.

When comparing these two pressure cookies you want to keep in mind your purpose for buying it. Are you just doing canning or are you looking for a more functional type of pressure cooker? A multi-functional cooker will be used more often and won’t sit collecting dust in a cupboard.

Larger pressure cookers will cost more so determine how much you want to spend first. The Instant Pot Programmable pressure cooker is large enough for using for a family and is very affordable. So this might be a good choice for anyone who is new to using pressure cookers. It is electric and super easy to use and cooks your food extremely quickly.

If you are a pressure cooker pro you may prefer the All American types of pressure cookers. They come in various sizes so just make sure you select the appropriate size.