You have to admit that everyone loves cupcakes.  They’re delicious, pretty, and convenient to eat, even on the go.  Cupcakes are also easy to bake, but what if you only want half a dozen or so of these tiny cakes?  Do you really want to fire up your big oven just to satisfy your craving for cupcakes?  Not likely.  So why not pamper yourself with the Smart Planet MCM-1 Mini Cupcake Maker.  This handy cupcake maker lets you bake 7 mini cupcakes at a time in 8 minutes or less.

Product Features

  • Lets you bake up to 7 muffins or cupcakes in just 5 minutes
  • Easy and convenient to use
  • Safe even for young bakers
  • Works great with any standard cake mix
  • Uses mini cupcake liners
  • Recipe book included

Easy to Use

The Smart Planet MCM-1 mini cupcake maker is definitely one of the best cupcake makers around.  It’s amazingly affordable (under $20) and has high ratings from reviewers.  It also makes perfect mini cupcakes every single time.

You can bake up to 7 mini cupcakes at a time in this electric mini cupcake maker.  If you think that’s too few, just remember that it takes only 5 to 10 minutes to bake a batch of cupcakes.  Not too bad at all.  And remember, you don’t have to heat up your oven anymore.

The Smart Planet MCM-1 mini cupcake maker is non-stick, so your cupcakes come right off very easily.  For best results, use a non-stick spray on the cupcake maker.  You can also line the cupcake maker with standard mini cupcake wrappers.

The mini cupcake maker comes with a recipe guide, but there’s no reason why you should not bake your favorite cupcake recipe.  You can also use any store-bought cupcake mix.

The Smart Planet MCM-1 mini cupcake maker is easy to use, even for young bakers.  However, as with any cooking appliance, this one can get extremely hot.  An adult should be around to supervise.  Wear oven gloves when handling the cupcake maker and be careful when lifting the lid because steam comes out and may scald you.

Don’t expect your cupcakes to come out golden brown on top, but they will be moist and delicious nonetheless.  You can also frost and decorate these mini cupcakes.

Cleaning Up

When you’re done baking, allow the mini cupcake maker to cool down completely.  Don’t forget to unplug the appliance.  When it’s perfectly cool, wipe the inside with a soft cloth or use a soft brush to remove any food debris.  This cupcake maker should not be immersed in water, and it is not dishwasher safe.

Cupcake Ideas

You can decorate each mini cupcake with frosting and sprinkles, and you can arrange them to look like a bouquet of flowers.  Another cupcake idea is to make cake pops.  Simply put a stick in the cupcake, decorate, and arrange in a vase.  It’s easy and fun to do, especially for kids.

Not Just for Cupcakes

The Smart Planet MCM-1 Mini Cupcake Maker is a versatile piece of appliance and you can use it to make muffins, biscuits, quiches, tiny pot pies, or fruit tarts.

  • Very affordable price
  • Bakes quickly; fast turnaround
  • Saves energy; no need to turn on your oven
  • Allows you to make small batches of cupcakes
  • Easy to use, even for kids
  • Steam comes out when you open the lid and may scald you if you’re not careful
  • Cupcakes do not turn out brown and crusty on top
  • Not ideal if you will be baking a lot of cupcakes

What Customers Say

The Smart Planet MCM-1 Mini Cupcake Maker gets high ratings from a lot of reviewers.  Customers say it’s perfect for making small batches of small cupcakes.  Instead of turning on the oven when they want to bake a few cupcakes, they use the Smart Planet cupcake maker instead to save time and energy.  It’s also great for young kids who want to bake a few cupcakes to decorate.

A few customers said they had to bake a batch or two before they got the hang of baking with the Smart Planet MCM-1, but most people did not have any problem with the appliance.  The cupcakes do not come out crusty on top because of the steam but most people do not mind at all.  Customers also warn that you have to be careful when opening the lid to avoid getting burned by the escaping steam.

The Smart Planet MCM-1 Mini Cupcake Maker is easy to use, cheap (about $18 at Amazon), and you can bake small batches without turning on the oven.  It’s something you’ll definitely want to have on your kitchen counter.