Many pressure cookers come in large sizes and sometimes you may be looking for a smaller pressure cooker. This Presto one is great for anyone looking for a much smaller pan and this one is a 4 quart pot.

Using a pressure cooker helps you save time, money and energy when compared to more traditional cooking pots. A pressure cooker will cook at least three to ten times faster.

Main Features of the Presto 4 Quart Pressure Cooker

  • 4 Quart Size
  • Stainless Steel with tri clad base
  • Pressure Regulator
  • Comes with cooking rack and recipe book
  • 12 year limited warranty
  • Measurements: 8.5 x 10 x 19 inches
  • Weight: 5.8 pounds

Overview of the Presto 01341 Pressure Cooker

A pressure cooker was a tool that you may have seen your grandmother using. Today pressure cookers are making a return to the cooking scene. Why? Because people realize that they are a fast and healthy way to cook food.

The nice thing about this Presto Pressure Cooker is that it can be used as a regular pot as well. It is a versatile multi-purpose pot. Just to give you an idea of how quickly a pressure cooker can cook. Say you want to make Chicken Cacciatore it would take about 2 hours to cook on your stove top. Inside a pressure cooker it will cook in less than 10 minutes.

This pressure cooker comes with a heavy duty lid that will lock down during the cooking process. It has an inner sealing ring which keeps all the steam in. The pressure indicator in this model pops up and has a simple steam release mechanism. An overpressure plug is included which allows extra steam off when needed.

Another nice thing about this pressure cooker is that it comes with a recipe book that includes 65 recipes. The recipes cover basics from stocks, soups and stews to a pot roast recipe. Did you know that you can cook custard inside a pressure cooker in 5 minutes?

With any type of pressure cooker you must know how to clean and take care of it properly. The entire Presto pressure cooker can be washed and you should also remove and clean the sealing ring after each use. Always use a non-abrasive cleaner and you may want to use a metal polish to maintain the shine, though this is not necessary.

To clean the vent pipe you can use a small brush and this pipe is also removable. The Presto 01341 comes with a 12 year warranty. With your purchase you also get detailed instructions on how to use it properly as well as safety tips.

Customer Feedback on the Presto Pressure Cooker

Reading comments from customer’s really helps you make up your mind about buying a certain product. Below you will find some actual comments that we found on the Amazon website.

  • This is an excellent pressure cooker.
  • It is super easy to carry this extremely lightweight pressure cooker to the sink, run water over it, and in 5-10 seconds the pressure is down!
  • I own three pressure cookers, I reach for this one the most. I use the bowl within the pot method to cook brown rice.
  • The 4 qt. presto cooks really quickly. It seems faster than my old one. I highly recommend this product.

The size of this pressure cooker is a hit with customers as well as the ability to use it as a regular pot when needed. Larger pressure cookers can be heavy to carry around once filled with water and jars.

Pressure cookers are great for cooking beans, chili, soups, stocks and stews. As well smaller sizes are perfect for sterilizing jars and this is perfect for anyone making home-made baby food.

This Presto Pressure Cooker is perfect for anyone who is looking for a smaller pressure cooker. It is priced at around the $40 mark and has lots of uses for your kitchen.

The smart choice for healthy, flavorful meals, fast and easy. Cooks 3 to 10 times faster than ordinary cooking methods – even faster than a microwave for many foods. Chicken, fish, meat and vegetables cook to perfection fast. Helps tenderize economical cuts of meat. Works on regular and smooth-top ranges. Cover lock indicator shows when there is pressure inside the cooker and prevents the cover from being removed until pressure is safely reduced. Includes a special rack for cooking several foods at once with no intermingling of flavors. Dishwasher safe for easy cleaning. Liquid capacity: 4 quarts (3.8 liters).