A blender is a standard piece of equipment. The all come in basically the same shape and size, however, it’s the features and the power behind it that makes one better than the other.

If you only need a blender once in awhile you’ll probably want to look at something that is inexpensive and does basic blending. If you do a lot of juicing and smoothie making then you’ll want something that can stand up to daily use, or one that stands up to being used several times throughout the day.

This Oster 7-speed blender is not only powerful but it has a nice design that will look great on your countertop.

One unique feature on this model is the reversible motor. This allows the blades to run backwards for extra mixing and extra smoothness of your smoothies. Not only that, reversing the blades helps mix up and break down chunks that sometimes get stuck in a certain mixing pattern, much like something gets stuck in a tornado rotation.

Product Features

600 watt motor
7 speeds
6 Cup dishwasher safe glass jar
Reversible motor
Pre-programmed settings w/ one touch
Stainless steel blade

What Customers are Saying

  • The main complaint about this blender is the noise it makes. Having a powerful motor in such a small compartment can cause a product to make more noise than you think it should.
  • I love this blender. It works great for me making juices. The only downside is the removable blade design could have been done better.
  • This blender does a great job!! I use it mainly for smoothies. My smoothies are always a perfect consistency (i use mostly juice, fresh fruit and frozen fruit).
  • I’ve only used this product for smoothies so far, but its ice crushing ability is great. All ice cubes get crushed up well and the protein powder and ingredients get mixed in together without having to hand stir.
  • The chopper reverses directions which sounds fine, but the motion can cause the bottom to unscrew which results in leaking/mess.
  • I own a few of the high priced blenders. NONE work as good as this one. It is the best for smoothies.

Who is the Oster BVCB07-Z Counterforms 6-Cup Glass Jar 7-Speed Blender Best Suited for?

With all of it’s great features, powerful motor and the reversability of this product, it is best suited for people who are into juicing and having health smoothies on a daily basis. Smoothies can be thick and bog down a less powerful blender, so you want something that has the power to puree frozen vegetables and ice cubes. In most cases, it is best to chop your ice cubes before adding any other ingredients, but this is true of most blenders.

Other great features of this blender are the pre-programmed settings which allow for one touch operation. Unlike other blenders that only have one speed or a basic High and Low setting, this one also has a Medium setting. This can come in really handy for certain blending operations when you need just the right amount of power.

Not only is this Oster blender dishwasher safe, but the special glass jar allows you to go from cold to hot without the risk of shattering the jar. This feature also makes it great for mixing up hot soups if you have someone in your home who needs a more liquified diet.

If finding this blender in your local area is a problem, you can order online from They make shopping easy and convenient and you can have this blender at your doorstep in just a few days.