When it comes to improving your health, keeping nutrients intact is important. Steaming foods with products like the Oster Electronic 2-Tier Food Steamer can help your body get more vitamins and minerals.

This steamer can help you cook many delicious and healthy meals. It comes with two separate compartments for steaming – a smaller bottom section and a larger, top one.

The top compartment holds almost four quarts of food. This is where you’d cook your main entrée. But instead of having to cook your side items separately, you can cook them at the same time – because the bottom section of the steamer can hold just over two quarts of food.

When you power up the steamer, there’s an audible signal that will let you know when the machine is ready to cook the food. This steamer also comes with a timer.

This feature enables you to program your food to start cooking immediately or you can set the timer to start cooking up to twelve hours later. This is a great feature for those who may not be home at dinnertime and need a way to have the food ready in advance.

The Oster 5712 will heat quickly and it has a 900-watt heating element. This kind of power means that you should be able to see steam within seconds. You can cook your food for up to an hour and a half, but if you’re still not ready to eat, the Oster 5712 has a “keep warm” feature that will enable you to have warm food for up to sixty minutes once the cooking is done.

Something else that makes this steamer unique is that you can even cook eggs in it. Thanks to the egg holders, you can choose to make either hard or soft cooked eggs quickly.

Another perk of the Oster 5712 is the quick and easy cleanup. The bowls are dishwasher safe and can be stacked together to store when not use. There’s also a drip tray included that keeps water from collecting under the machine.

With the helpful water indicator level that’s clear, you don’t have to guess how much water you need to add to the machine. You’ll be able to see it at a glance. This water level indicator has a line that will let you know whether or not you’ve added the recommended minimum amount of water.

This is an important feature because it enables your food to stay nice and fresh rather than drying out. Not only can this steamer cook up great tasting food, but using a steamer has several health benefits to offer to you.

When you cook food using conventional methods such as in the microwave, many of the nutrients in the food can be destroyed. But a quality steamer like the Oster 5712 keeps all the nutrients intact – along with the great taste.

Besides the health boost, when you use a steamer, the food retains their natural flavors better, they don’t overcook and it can also preserve the antioxidants that are so helpful for your body.

Using a steamer is also a good way to keep fit because steamed food doesn’t pack the same calories or the fat content that fried food contains. It’s even a step above grilling because there’s no chance for charring your food and releasing cancer-causing toxins into your meal.