For anyone who likes to cook often a kitchen funnel is a very useful utensil to have. Funnels come in a variety of sizes and shapes and some have silicone strainers included. If you freeze or can your own foods a funnel is super important and buying a good quality one will make your life in the kitchen that much easier.

This particular funnel, the Norpro Stainless Steel model, has a wide mouth that measures 5.5 x 5.5 x 2.5 inches. The silicone strainer is resistant to high heats of up to 500 degrees F or 260 C.

The manufacturer recommends that you hand wash this item and not place it in the dishwasher.

Overview of the Norpro Wide Mouth Funnel

This funnel is particularly useful for canning and for straining liquids into wide rim jars. You can easily filter the liquid with the silicone strainer. The benefits of using a quality funnel/strainer are that you can transfer hot liquids and solids between containers easily and safely. Who wants to deal with a nasty burn? Plus you won’t end up with messy and sticky hands.

The most common use for a funnel with a strainer would be for making jellies and jams along with preserving foods. If you grow your own fruits and vegetables and haven’t thought about canning them, this might be a good time to start doing so. You can enjoy your fresh foods all year round and save money when any particular food is not in season.

Customer Feedback

One thing I noticed when reading the reviews for this funnel is that once you have one you find out that there are so many different uses for it! It can definitely be used for other things around your home and not just liquids.

Below are a few customer comments from people who purchased the Norpro Funnel through the Amazon website. You can read additional comments and reviews by visiting this link: [insert link]

  • I bought this thinking I’d just use it for help with canning hot items but I’ve since found that it’s useful all over the house. I use it to funnel coffee beans into bags, to put popcorn into the popcorn maker, just about anything I need to funnel into a bag or machine, it’s perfect!
  • Got this to filter the lemon zest from my homemade Limon cello
  • I like the large size because I can filter a lot at once.

Overall the Norpro Stainless Steel Wide Mouth Funnel with Silicone Strainer seems like it is a great buy for the money. When shopping for your new funnel you don’t want to forget to check out other kitchen gadgets such as jar lifters and magnetic lid wands and of course storage containers.

This would also make a great gift for anyone in your family that enjoys preserving their own foods. Ideal for that hard to buy for person!

Norpro’s Wide Mouth Funnel with Silicone Strainer is ideal for canning, wide rim rests on jars. Filter liquids with strainer. Transfer liquids and solids between containers. Handle prevents sticky, messy fingers. Silicone strainer is high heat resistant to 500F/260C.