For the home-cooking enthusiast that wants to cook like the pros, when you whip out this poacher, your friends and family will know you mean business.

The Norpro Egg Poacher Skillet Set rings in as the heavy-weight of poachers in the home cooking environment. Imagine if you have to cook for a large family in the mornings or even for special gatherings. You would have an advantage with the five cup system and you could use the large skillet later to cook up a nice one-skillet meal for the family.

The skillet base is made of a Tri-Ply Encapsulated Base for even heat distribution. Add to it a vented glass lid and you have a product that will evenly cook your eggs and other foods with less chance of burning. Remember how frustrated you get when attempting to multi-task in the kitchen and end up burning your meal? With Norpro’s Egg Poacher and skillet, you can set your eggs or meal to cook and know that it will come out right every time.


  • If taken care of properly, this poacher will last for years.
  • It also doubles as a great large skillet for cooking other foods.


  • Not for the regular consumer at $54-75.
  • Since it is made of stainless steel, there is a chance of eggs sticking.


  • It’s best to hand wash this skillet and cup set so as not to scratch the surface resulting in more chances for eggs to stick.
  • Use oil instead of cooking spray to avoid sticking

Product Features

  • Measures 10 inches/25.5cm diameter and stay cool handle is 7.25 inches/18.5cm
  • Includes 5 removable egg poacher cups and a tempered glass vented lid
  • Made of stainless steel
  • Hand washing recommended

What Customers Say:

* I’m completely satisfied with this egg poacher. It’s easy to use and easy to clean, and the eggs come out great!

* This is a very beautiful pan, and it works really well.

* I’ve tried, and worn out or destroyed, no less than 4 other, less expensive, egg poachers, including the one with the plastic egg cups that gives you rubbery eggs. This one is well worth the extra money spent–it is well designed and sturdy.

* This is a great egg poacher at a great price, attractive design, cooks well, the major flaw is the small black plastic knobs on each poacher cup. While they are easy to pick up, they are too dang hot to hold for more than a second, making it quite inconvenient to try to spoon the egg out of the cups; you have to awkwardly use a pair of tongs, a pot mitt, or your napkin.

If you’re looking for a product that will give you many years of service and perfectly poached eggs, give the Norpro Egg Poacher Skillet Set a try. Knowing how durable and long-lasting this egg can be, makes it pretty cost effective in the long run.

Make poached eggs for breakfast and then remove the poaching frame and use the pan to fry food and make sauces for any meal of the day. Pan features a Tri-Ply Encapsulated Base for even heat distribution. Polished stainless steel exterior.