This little gem has been around for years and will look great in your kitchen! Designed to look like a hen, Henrietta can hold up to four eggs to poach for your morning breakfast or late night snack. And for your family gatherings, she can also hard or soft boil up to seven eggs.

Functional and cute, Maverick’s Henrietta Egg Poacher will fit on most standard counters as she is only 7.5” tall, 8.0” wide and has a depth of 7.0”. Made from heavy duty plastic with an enamel finish on the outside, she also boasts a nonstick interior coating.

This little egg poacher is easy to use and handle. She has three finger holes in her tail feathers with which to pick up and carry her. Inside, there are water level rings to measure how much water you need for each cooking situation (consult the instruction manual for precise cooking times). It also includes a timer that works in tandem with the unique cooking system that boils the water, turning it into steam to cook the eggs perfectly. When the eggs are finished, the timer “chirps” to let you know when your eggs are done. It’s as simple as that.

The Maverick Henrietta Egg Cooker and Poacher comes with two egg trays, a poaching tray, a water level indicator, an egg piercer, a measuring cup, a heating base and an instruction manual to help you poach your eggs to perfection.

Tips for using your Maverick Henrietta Egg Cooker and Poacher:

  • As with any kitchen item involving water, make sure to set her on a towel in case you spill a bit.
  • Always be sure to attach the lid properly.
  • Follow the directions when adding water and setting the timer but know that as always, you may have to adjust the levels slightly for your particular cooking situation.
  • Eggs must be pierced to let off interior pressure as the eggs cook. (i.e., so you won’t have the “microwave effect”)
  • To make Henrietta last longer, make sure to only hand wash her—no automatic dishwashers for this cutie.

Advantages of using Henrietta:

  • She’s lightweight. Would be easy for someone with carpel tunnel or an older person to use.
  • She’s easy to use. Easy for the beginner to cook great eggs. Also easy for the person on the run, say a mom or student, etc.
  • She’s fun. i.e., the “chirp”.
  • She’s cute AND useful. Most other egg poachers are just useful. So she’s pleasing to the eye in a kitchen décor.

Product Features:

  • Hen-shaped appliance boils or poaches eggs to order
  • Poaching tray holds 4 eggs; cooking rack holds 7 eggs
  • Power base with 1 of 3 water levels for soft-, medium-, or hard-boiled eggs
  • Piercing pin prevents shells from cracking; dishwasher-safe removable parts
  • Measures approximately 7 by 7-1/2 by 8-1/2 inches


  • Easy to use
  • Looks cute on the countertop, especially in country kitchens


  • No on/off feature
  • Can be leaky

What Customers Say:

  • I believe this is the best egg making machine ever invented!
  • The lid also does not fit properly on the base and there is no on/off switch, you just have to unplug it to turn on and off.
  • I am more likely to eat breakfast these days because it is so easy to poach a few eggs. An unexpected bonus: I have been cooking hard cooked eggs for over 40 years, trying every trick in the book to make it easy to peel them. These eggs shed the shell so effortlessly I can’t believe it.
  • The lid does not fit well, leaks out water during poaching process; they have to place a plate under the unit to catch the water. They called Maverick to ask what to do about it; the receptionist was rude and put them on hold.

If you want an easy way to cook eggs and a product that is cute and whimsical, give the Maverick Henrietta Egg Cooker and Poacher a try.