Little Chef

1. Heavy duty kitchen shears are ideal for trimming fat from roasts, cutting up chicken or snipping herbs and small pieces of vegetables. Recommended: Kitchenaid Classic Shears

2. A small kitchen funnel is handy for when you have several half used bottles of juice, milk, salad dressing or wine and want to easily store them in one bottle. Recommended: Norpro Stainless Small Funnel Set

3. Having a meat tenderizer will not only let you tenderize tougher cuts of beef, but also make chicken, turkey and pork cutlets more tender. Recommended: Jaccard Tenderizer

4. A cheese grater can also be used for chocolate shavings, lemon and lime peel zest and putting attractive garnishes on dishes quickly. Recommended: Microplane Classic Grater/Zester

5. Round form cooking rings are great for making perfectly poached eggs and round pancakes. But can also be used to prepare a stacked seafood dip appetizer, make muffins or scones. Recommended: RSVP Endurance Egg Rings

6. A frying pan splatter screen will not only keep you from getting burned by splashed oil, but also will keep your stovetop from getting too oily and help prevent a grease fire. Recommended: Norpro Splatter Screen

7. An immersion hand blender is a quick, convenient alternative to using a full size blender or mixer. It also can be used to froth hot milk to make gourmet coffee drinks at home.  Recommended: Cuisinart Immersion Blender

8. A crème brulee torch is the best way to brown meringues, caramelize custards and other foods without turning on your full size broiler. Recommended: BonJour Professional Culinary Torch

9. A pastry tube bag with tips can decorate cakes nicely, but it can also make rebaked potatoes, deviled eggs and canapés look more appetizing and attractive. Recommended: Norpro Pastry Tube Set

10. A cookie dough baller will save you lots of time making drop cookies while keeping your hands cleaner during baking. Recommended: OXO Cookie Dough Scoop