There are several juicers connected to the Breville name with this model, the BJE200XL, being known as the compact juice fountain. It has a powerful 700 watt motor and performs extremely well for its size. It is still larger than some other compact juicers that you will see for sale.

Main Features of the Breville BJE200XL Compact Juice Fountain

Dimensions: Measures 9.5 x 8.8 x 16 inches and weighs 10 pounds
The shipping weight of this juicer is 11 pounds.
This model can also be shipped to countries outside of the U.S.
Restrictions and limitations do apply.

Operating Features

* Heavy Duty Juicer

* Centered Knife Blade Assembly

* 700 Watt motor that operates at 14,000 RPM

* Center Feed Tube is 3 inches

* Stainless Steel Micro Mesh Filter

* Dishwasher Safe comes with a custom cleaning brush

* Includes 1 Year Limited Warranty

When comparing this juicer to other Breville models [add link] you will see that one of the main differences is the operating speed. Different models may have a variable operating speed, usually with a low speed of 6,500 RPM and a high speed of 13,500 RPM. This can be an added benefit depending upon how hard or soft your fruit and vegetables are.

As you will see from some of the customer reviews below this compact juicer can still handle carrots and hard vegetables without any problems.

Best Place to Buy the Breville Compact Juicer

We checked several places and still found that the best place to buy this juicer is at Amazon. Plus you will not have to incur any shipping and extra delivery costs. Amazon ships quickly and you can easily have this juicer in your home within a couple of days. [Add link]

Customer Comments

Here are some actual comments from customers who have purchased the Breville BJE200XL from the Amazon website.

* The design of this thing is absolutely first rate. Even down to the plug, which has a moulded loop so that it is easy to unplug and plug in! No tool is required to remove the basket, as in most other juicers. Breville uses a combo of ingenious design and magnets to hold it in place!

* Ease of use and fit and finish is perfect.

* Clean up is really a 2 minute operation and I don’t even own a dishwasher.

* This thing is still going strong 3.5 years later. Folks I buy carrots by the 25 pound bag so I am HARD on juicers. And not one part has needed replacement!

* The Breville is the best juicer I have had. It is an example of good product design in that it is simple, practical and attractive.

* The pulp extract is pretty dry so you are getting almost all the juice out of the fruit/vegetables with this unit.

When shopping for a new juicer it is important to make sure that it is easy to clean and that you are actually getting all the juice out of your foods. This Breville Compact juicer scores points in both these areas as you can see from the above comments.