Candy Plaques

What child doesn’t love chocolate and can you imagine the smile you could put on their face with a plaque with their own name on it? Candy plaques are not that difficult to make. In fact all you need is some mini loaf pans and some chocolate melts.

To make the plaques you basically melt the chocolate and pour into your loaf pan. Of course you can get creative with your choice of pan! You then just pop the pan into the fridge for about 15 minutes. Unmold by gently tapping into your hand, or onto a soft clean towel. The plaques are now ready for decorating!

Now is the fun part, just decorate with your child’s name and you can always add some other molded candy to the plaque. This would be a great way to make name cards for a birthday party or even a more formal occasion.

Any type of cookie cutter or small baking pan can be used to make plaques. The only limit is your imagination. For Valentine’s Day you could make heart shaped plaques with that special person’s name on it. For Christmas plaques could be made in a variety of Christmas shapes.

Plaque Mold Example

Wilton Silicone Petite Tree Mold Pan 

This mold is made from silicone and allows you to make 12 mini trees at one time. The mold can withstand temperatures up to 500 degrees. The flexibility of the silicone allows you to easily unmold chocolate without any major problems.

You can also purchase similar pans suitable for molds from Wilton. These would be in shapes such as mini stars and an assorted pack that contains a Christmas stocking, tree and gingerbread or boy shape.

Basic Rectangular Plaque

Baker’s Secret 116472302 Basics Nonstick Petite Loaf Pan

For more experienced candy makers don’t forget you can use a variety of shaped pans to make plaques. This would involve using colored chocolate and applying it in layers. The results would be fantastic if you have the time to do this. Some great shapes would be small animal cake tins. Young girls just love the princess type pans and this would make a great chocolate piece to share. Once the chocolate is set and unmolded you would just have to use icing to pipe on facial details. This would probably be easier than attempting to melt different colors of chocolate for such small pieces.

This type of plaque would make a great cake topper for that special occasion or birthday! Many novice candy makers have made chocolate plaques with great success. So no matter what your skill level why not try one for yourself? This could turn into a fun and rewarding hobby and you might just become your local chocolate plaque maker for all occasions.