Candy Making Pots

Using a good pot when making candy will help you produce quality candy that looks and tastes good every time. It is important to have a larger deeper pan as well as some smaller ones for melting chocolate. A double boiler is a great way to buy a quality pan that can do more than one job! Check out the…

Farberware Classic 2 Quart Covered Double Boiler

As well as candy making double boilers are fantastic for making sauces, so this pot is bound to serve more than one purpose in your kitchen! Or, you you might prefer:

Farberware Classic Stack N Steam 3 Quart Saucepan and Steamer Set

This would be a good choice for making steamed vegetables, rice, soups and larger quantities of sauces. It is very reasonably priced and an excellent buy. You may even want to treat yourself to both sizes?

The Farberware Quality

The Farberware Classic Double boiler is very easy to clean and is also dishwasher safe. The rims on the pans are rolled so that they are essentially drip free while sauces and stocks are being poured out.

The lids on the 2 Quart Double boiler are domed shaped and fit snuggly into the pan. This design helps to reduce dripping and the lids look great too! The outside of the pan is polished to a mirror shine finish making it look professional and expensive.  No one needs to know just how little you paid for such quality cookware!

Where to Buy at the Best Price Possible?

The best prices we have found currently are those prices listed at Amazon. The 2 quart size double boiler normally sells for around $60. The last time we checked Amazon they had it listed for $39.99 with free shipping to most places. You can actually purchase the 1, 2 and 3 quart size from this Farberware Classic Series for just under $80!