Are you looking for a personal drink machine that allows you to make several shakes or smoothies at one time and store the day’s supply in the fridge for later on?

This is the busy person’s best friend. Just make your shakes up in the morning and have them all ready for the rest of the day. It comes with 6 cups that you can mix up different smoothies or shakes in and can store in the fridge to have them handy all day. Simply do all the prep work in the morning and you’re all set.

This personal blender is a great appliance for making salsa and dips for parties, plus the cups can also serve as your serving container and will look great on your table. It can also make a great use of leftovers – turn them into something new and exciting.

Product Features

300-watts of power
2-Sets blades
Easy press down and lock safety feature
6 individual cups with 4 lids
Comfy foam grip for holding
Easy to clean

This product comes with 6 cups. Four have tight-fitting lids that you can store in the fridge, one is a tall mixing cup and the other is a short grinding cup. This is plenty to do all of your daily blending and smoothie making.

Having all of your shakes done for the day will save you time. It’s so convenient to take to work so you have healthy meals and snacks throughout the day. Even if you’re home all day, you can still enjoy the convenience of getting this task out of the way first thing in the morning.

What Customers are Saying

  • I drink protein shakes several times a week as part of my diet routine. Handles broken ice cubes and small pieces of frozen fruit very quickly. Not recommended for breaking large ice cubes, or large pieces of frozen fruit.
  • We have had it two years now and for a while we were making smoothies every morning for several months. We still make them but not as often and we also use it as a coffee grinder.
  • I really liked this blender. Works well and crushes the ice, no problem. I like taking the cup with me.
  • It doesn’t handle ice all that well, and even frozen fruits can take a while to completely blend in.
  • I love this blender. I have two and have gifted two. Great for smoothies. Clean up is easy and price is great.

Who is the Elite Gourmet Personal Drink Blender Best Suited for?

This is a great item for moms who like to make snowcones or smoothies for all the kids, or needs to whip up a variety of baby foods. It’s also great for people who care for an elderly parent and need to mix up soft foods and store in the fridge for later use.

If you’re into “juicing – this product would retain all the pulp (where the vitamins are) and you wouldn’t waste anything. Plus it’s a safe item because your hands and fingers never come in contact with the blades.

Shopping online at a place like is quick, easy and convenient. Have this delivered to your home in no time and start enjoying the benefits of a personal blending machine.