How many times have you wished you had an emersion blender? It can be a real pain to dig out the big blender, transfer your sauces and stuff to it, blend to smooth and then pour back into your pot to finish cooking. With an emersion blender, you can simply blend right in the pot. These items are also excellent for mixing up flavored milks and thin powdered protein drinks right in the glass, just make sure it’s a good sized glass or pitcher.

Product Features:

200-watt motor
Smooth blending blade
Simple push-button controls
One-handed operation
Dishwasher-safe blending shaft

Great uses for this product:

Do you love making homemade potato soup and can never quite get it creamy enough? This stick blender is the perfect product for that. Simply immerse it into your soup, turn it on and before long you’ll have the creamiest soup ever.

What about homemade tomato or spaghetti sauces? Do you get tired of trying to get the chunks out from the tomatoes? This blender will take care of that for you so you end up with a fabulous sauce.

This Cuisinart Emersion blender has received a ton of reviews, almost 1500, and most of them are at least 4 star reviews. There are many happy customers who own this product.

Some of the complaints covered the blades getting dull after using it on frozen fruits or ice. However, this hand-held blender is better suited for it’s intended purpose, which is creaming soups and sauces and mixing powdered drinks that aren’t very thick.

Here’s what a few of them are saying:

  • It works great if you are doing a lot of blending while cooking. It doesn’t replace a blender, but is handy and does a pretty good job–just be sure to turn it off before lifting it out of the mixture.
  • I love this hand blender because it is well-constructed, very powerful, easy to use and easy to clean.
  • I no longer have to transfer food solids from the soup to my big food processor if I want it silky smooth, I can do it right on the pot!
  • I make a lot of soups and love the convenience of not having to use (and clean) my blender or food processor and extra bowls or pans.
  • A lot of gadgets in my kitchen are expendable, but I really couldn’t live without my Smartstick. Especially if you have a baby, and would like to make good, wholesome baby food at home, you_need_this_tool.

Who is the Cuisinart Smart Stick Emersion Blender Best Suited for?

This champ of a little blender is ideal for people who make a lot of homemade creamed soups, tomato sauces, like to whip up some pancake or crepe batter in a snap, and for those who like powdered protein drinks but don’t care about having a thick shake or smoothie. It’s also perfect for moms who want to make their own homemade baby food.

Stop fussing with a manual potato masher to get the chunks out of your cream soups and sauces. Investing in an emersion blender will save you time and frustration. You’ll wonder how you ever lived without one before. Did we mention it’s available in some fabulous colors too?

Making a purchase is as easy as going to They offer fast shipping and you can have it at your door and into your kitchen ready to use in no time.