The type of tea maker you purchase will depend on your purpose for the machine, as in brewing hot tea or making iced tea or if you want a machine that can do both. Another factor to consider is price. Some devices come with a hefty price tag but offer many features and more benefits over the lower priced machines.

On the high priced end is The Breville One-Touch Tea Maker. It offers a unique brewing cycle which raises and lowers the tea basket for perfect steeping of tea varietals. It will also keep the tea warm for an hour before shutting off the warmer. The Breville is also great for those who like to brew loose leaf, although, you can use tea bags if that’s your preference.

The Cuisinart Electric Kettle is a mid-range priced item, but it offers a lot of great features. It has 6 temperature settings so you can brew perfect tea no matter which variety of tea you’re using. It’s sleek and sylish design will look great on your countertop. If you consider yourself a true tea enthusiast, you may want to invest in this product.

If brewing iced tea is your thing and you don’t care about having hot tea, then you may consider buying the iced tea makers that come complete with a pitcher and can go straight into the fridge after brewing.

Mr. Coffee has been making iced tea makers for quite a few years. These machines are easy to use and generally come with a simple push button to start the brewing process.

This maker has a 3 quart capacity and easily allows you to adjust the brewing time for the strength of tea you desire. If you love iced tea and want it fast, in less than 10 minutes, and don’t want to spend a lot of time getting ready to brew tea, these types of makers are a great choice.

Another great iced tea maker is the Hamilton Beach Iced Tea Maker. It offers the same push button style as Mr. Coffee but is a bit higher priced. With this tea maker you can use tea bags or loose leaf tea. Another great feature is the sleek design of the pitcher which allows you to store it in the door of your fridge to save shelf space.

Whether you are shopping for the quick and convenient iced tea makers or looking for something that’s more versatile and allows you to enjoy hot brewed tea or iced tea. There are plenty of machines on the market to cater to your needs.