Wow! Did you ever think there were so many kitchen gadgets and tools available? There are literally hundreds of available tools that you could potentially use in your kitchen. So how do you choose which ones to purchase?

Well your first step is to look at the type of cooking that you do on a regular basis. For everyday cooking you will want to have some basic essential kitchen tools. These types of tools often come in sets in a handy holder that sits on your kitchen counter.

As you will notice there is a difference in the actual tools that you get as well as the price. So think about who you are buying this for, yourself or is it a gift for someone?

When choosing small kitchen items such as gadgets and tools there are still some things that you will want to take into consideration.  Let’s go over some of these.

You will want to select kitchen tools such as turners and spoons that are flexible and are easy to use. Keep in mind that certain gadgets can be hard to use if you have stiff or sore hands. This is one reason why many seniors and people with arthritis in their hands like to use the Oxo Good Grip brand of tools. These tools are very comfortable and easy to use. For example, people who have had a difficult time using a vegetable peeler or can opener can find these tasks much easier just by changing brands.

If you use non-stick pans, and most people do today, make sure that your new kitchen tools won’t damage your pans. You will also want to purchase kitchen gadgets that can withstand high temperatures. Silicone products are perfect in this regard and most can withstand temperatures of up to 500 degrees F.

Two of the top selling ones are from Kitchen Aid and Oxo Good Grips. We have reviewed one set each from these companies and you can read the full review by visiting the following links.

Kitchen Aid 17 Piece Tool and Gadget Set & Oxo Good Grips

Do you own a kitchen funnel? This is one of those items that you may not think about purchasing, but once you have one you find a ton of uses for it. Funnels are great if you strain a lot of sauces and soups. They are perfect for anyone who makes jams or cans their own food. You can easily use a funnel to rinse delicate berries and to ensure no burnt pieces are left in your sauces.

One great use for a kitchen funnel is for straining out the bits from the oil in your deep fryer. Using a funnel makes this once messy job a piece of cake.

We have reviewed two great funnels which you can read by visiting the following links.

Kuchenprofi Funnel Norpro Stainless Steel Funnel 

They are both affordable funnels which have the potential of making your kitchen life much easier. If you don’t have a funnel you really should read the reviews. They just might make you change your mind.

Next we get to kitchen tools that allow you to store items easily. This would include things like a kitchen caddy for your sink. For your cupboards you might want to invest in spice jars or a rack, or an onion and vegetable keeper. Today you can practically find any type of food storage container for any food imaginable.

Don’t forget about clips for your chip and snack bags and holders for all those pens and pencils that always seem to end up on your kitchen counters.

Then there are those kitchen gadgets which are just plain fun to use. This type of gadget includes things like neat kitchen molds, cookie cutters and stencil sets. They may not be an everyday type of gadget but are certainly great to have around when baking with your kids!

If you enjoy making things like pancakes, eggs and tacos or even sushi you may want to use gadgets that make your life easier. You can purchase rings for cooking pancakes and eggs in perfect rounds. Taco and sushi kits allow you to turn out great meals with a professional flare.

Storage can be a huge concern when it comes to kitchen tools and gadgets. It can be so easy to over purchase and then end up wondering where you are going to actually put everything!

One easy solution is to buy tools that fit inside their own containers or holders. Another option is to designate one kitchen drawer for your tools. This is a great idea for storing those seasonal tools such as Christmas cookie cutters. A kitchen draw is a great place for keeping those items that you don’t use as frequently and could include tools such as ice cream scoops, your potato masher and balloon whisks.

So what’s on your shopping list? Take a look at the selection of kitchen gadgets and tools that are available on the Amazon website…you may be surprised at just how many you find.

In closing this article just keep in mind that there are hundreds of various kitchen tools and gadgets. Before buying any new ones think about how and when you might use them. This will help you resist making a purchase just because it is a new and cute gadget. Is it something that you really need?