Choosing a Toaster Oven

If you’ve been considering purchasing a toaster oven, whether it’s a first purchase for you or you need to replace an old one, there are some things you may want to consider before buying. When it comes to choosing the toaster oven that’s right for you, there are no hard and fast rules but the best way to determine which model you need comes down to the price you want to pay, what uses you need it for and the features you want in a toaster oven.

There are many models that are quite small and compact and perform basic toasting functions with no bells and whistles. If you’re short on space and just want the occasional slice of pizza or hot open faced sandwich, one of the small general purpose ovens will be a great selection for you.

In recent years, however, toaster ovens have come a long way from the old standard toaster and many models feature convection cooking. This is an added bonus and keeps you from having to purchase a separate convection oven if you’re into convection cooking. This method of cooking uses hot air to cook with and if you’ve never tried it, it is a wonderful way to cook. It cooks evenly and quickly. If this is something you’ve been wanting to try, then choosing a model that offers this feature is something you’ll want to look at. These models come in a wide range of prices and I’m sure you can find one that fits your budget.

Size is another feature you’ll want to consider when purchasing a toaster oven. Some are small and compact and others are basically the size of a microwave oven. How much available space you have and the purposes for which you’ll use your toaster oven should be considered as well. If you have a good amount of counter space and plan to use a toaster oven to replace a lot of baking from your full size oven, then you’ll want to think about a large capacity oven that can handle biggers jobs. Do remember that even a large capacity toaster oven is still quite small but will save you money on energy costs in the long run and these appliances do not heat up your whole kitchen like a full sized oven.

Design is another feature you may want to consider. If you have a modern kitchen, you will definitely want something that looks great and adds appeal to your kitchen. Many of today’s models look extremely stylish, but also function and perform well. Some of the higher priced models are very appeasing to the eye. While looks aren’t everything, if you have a very up-to-date kitchen, you will definitely want to consider some of the top of the line models.

Functionality is another thing you want to consider, especially if you plan to do a lot of baking. Many toaster ovens today are being used to replaced a full sized oven for most of the baking in the home and people are loving the results they get, plus the added bonus of not heating up the house and running the electric bill up. The newer models on the market today cook much more evenly and have better temperature control than your grandmother’s old toaster oven. You can bake cakes and cookies and even whole chickens and roasts. They truly are a versatile appliance these days.

Before making your decision take the time to decide what you’ll need it for, what features you’d like and also keep your budget in mind. You may want to pay a little more to get a more functional product or you may want to pay less and just buy a standard toaster oven for the occasional use. Whatever you’re looking for in a toaster oven, there are plenty on the market to meet your needs. Shop around and compare several different models before making your decision.