Tea Makers


Almost everyone loves a nice glass of iced tea. This drink is a staple for many picnics and family gatherings and has become a summertime icon. Nothing is as cool and refreshing as iced tea. Not only that it’s an extremely versatile drink and can be infused with your favorite add-in flavoring like peach, strawberry, pomegranate, etc.

If you make a lot of iced tea and want a quick and easy way to do it, you want to consider getting an iced tea maker. These machines are much easier than boiling water and waiting for your tea bags to steep. It takes less than 10 minutes to have a pitcher of cold tea because of adding ice to the pitcher before brewing. No more waiting for your tea to cool. Continue reading


If you prefer to steep your tea the old fashioned way and need the water heated to the perfect temperature for different types of teas, then you’ll want a kettle like the Cuisinart CPK-17 PerfecTemp 1.7-Liter Stainless Steel Cordless Electric Kettle. This product has received great reviews and is perfect for the true tea enthusiast. You can make iced tea or the perfect cup of hot tea, so this unit is very versatile. Of course, it only heats the water, it does not brew your tea. However, if you want the exact temp for making the perfect green tea, black tea or any other variety of tea, this machine is a must have.

If you’re making iced tea you will need to purchase a pitcher unless you already have one. Continue reading


For many years people have loved their iced tea, but drinking hot tea instead of coffee has become almost as popular as coffee itself. People love hot tea for the variety and because most teas contain less caffeine than coffee.

Also, many people find they have less stomach trouble by drinking tea instead of coffee. If you prefer to sip on hot tea and you’re looking for a top of the line tea maker, the Breville One Touch Tea Maker is a great option for you. This one is a bit pricey but it comes with a lot of features that you won’t find with less expensive machines. Continue reading